List of Characters

Myrtle Grove Garden Club members:

Jesse Camden – heads extended family of friends and co-workers, co-founder and ringleader of the Myrtle Grove Garden Club with friend Vivian, daughter to Sophia

Vivian Windsor – oil heiress, Myrtle Grove’s leading citizen, and best friend and mentor to Jesse, originally conceived the Garden Club

Sophia Camden – mother of Jesse Camden and co-owner of the Gilded Lily Tea Room and Coffeehouse

Bliss Kerr – great niece of Vivian Windsor, long-suffering wife of philandering businessman Harry Kerr and avid gardener

Lindsey Hatch – friend, co-worker and business partner to Jesse and Sophia Camden in Gilded Lily Tea Room and Coffeehouse and doesn’t touch dirt

SueAnn Bailey – waitress at Gilded Lily Tea Room, college student, friend, co-worker and eager accomplice in all Garden Club activities

Connie Oliver – Jesse’s friend and business partner in antiques shop and decorating business, auxiliary member of Garden Club

Matt Oliver – local contractor, husband of Connie, and once married to and close friend of Jesse Camden.
Bill Marshall – ex-business partner to Harry Kerr, owner of used car business, longtime friend of Bliss Kerr
Cindilee Marshall – wife of Bill Marshall, friends with Bliss and Connie
Harry Kerr (deceased) – husband of Bliss Kerr, great nephew-in-law to Vivian Windsor and owner of Lake Country Autos
Maria Ortiz – administrative assistant to Harry Kerr

Waite County Sheriff’s Department:
Sheriff Joe Tyler
Medical Examiner Arnie Holt
Deputies Marla Murphy, Frank Haney, Todd Angeles, Leo Collier